Andrew Thomas

composer - conductor

Ensemble music: 2 - 5 players

Sound of Waves (2017) for viola and accordion

Commissioned by Duo van Vliet

first performance: St Magnus Festival, Duo van Vliet, 20th June 2017


Flowers, Aren't They? (2016) for soprano, clarinet, harp and double bass

Commissioned by New Dots

first performance: The Hermes Experiment, 16th November 2016


All suddenly the wind comes soft (2015-16) for piano trio

first performance: Britten Sinfonia, 23rd January 2016


Five Little Pieces (2013) for soprano saxophone, percussion and piano

first performance: Workers Union Ensemble, 29th October 2013

c. 7 minutes



The green beam from a lighthouse wanders (2012) for violin and cello

first performance: Darragh Morgan and Graham Waterhouse, 15th June 2012

c. 3 minutes



Song Fragments (2012) for solo baritone, clarinet, bassoon, guitar, viola and double bass

first perfromance:  Thumb Ensemble, cond. Dan Watson, baritone Matt Stone,  11th June 2012

c. 5 minutes



Synopsis: Music in Compression (2011) for piano quartet

first performance: Schubert Ensemble, 30th January 2012

c. 3 minutes



The birds seeking the grain were suddenly snow (2009-10) for violin and piano

first performance: Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea, 9th March 2010

c. 8 minutes



Two Part Invention (2007) for trumpet and bassoon

c. 4 minutes



The Transcendant 'I' (2005) for flute and piano

first performance: Andrew Thomas and Rachael Bennett, 20th October 2006

c. 8 minutes



Ni Hon No Hu Kei (2002) for flute, violin and piano

first performance: Kokoro, 30th October 2004

c. 8 minutes





Ni Hon no Hu Kei The Birds Seeking the Grain The Transcendent I - Extract

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