Andrew Thomas

composer - conductor


Ever Deeper Flood (2015-16) for mezzo soprano, harp, nohkan, otzasumi, kotzasumi, shite actor and electronics

Commissioned by Sound and Music and MU:Arts

First performed by Lore Lixenberg (M.S.), Yukihiro Isso (nohkan), Mary Reid (Harp), Yoshimasa Kanze (Shite), Mitsuhiro Kakihara (otsuzumi), Tatsushi Narita (kotsuzumi)

Kings Place, London, 14th May 2016


Einfaltiges Lied (2014) for soprano, piccolo, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, cello and tape.

Commissioned by the Dr. K Sextet, first performed by Lesley-Jane Rogers (soprano) and the Dr. K Sextet (cond. Ewan Campbell)

Club Inegales, Euston, 22nd January 2015

c. 5 minutes


And the Bird by the Water is Turning White (2013) for flute and live electronics

first performance: London Sinfonietta, 8th December, QEH, London

c. 8 minutes



Re-Oscillations (2012) for soprano saxophone, percussion, piano and tape

first performance: Workers Union Ensemble, 4th January 2013

c. 6 minutes



re-mix of Four Movements with Little in Common (2011) for tape

c. 6 minutes



...for 14 players and tape... (2009)

c. 20 minutes



...for 7 players and tape... (2008)

first performance: Guildford International Music Festival, 20th March 2009

c. 12 minutes